Dealing With Rejection

We all can experience rejection some times or other in any area of our lives, regardless of maturity or stature. Rejection is not reliant to anyone, it will attack when you are in a vulnerable state, or even when ever you are on top of the world!  It is an emotional wound that may become a part of our lives; and it hurts.

Dealing with rejection is the first steps to your spiritual healing. When we’re going through difficulties and pain, we would often feel the sense of guilt. Guilt that would over-ride the truth that it is your fault.  Rejection does not care who you are and it will always be at the door just waiting to attack.

There are many element for rejection which can come in many dimension:

  1. Family relationships
  2. Friends
  3. Workplaces
  4. Marriages
  5. Church Environment 
  6. Authorities
  7. Social Media

Many of these areas can have a huge impact on our lives which can be devastating when we are at our weakest.  Regardless how small or big, critical or longterm, you will find that rejection can only have the power over us if you allow it to control your lives and it can also leave us feeling paralysed.

Although rejection can come to us through different circumstances the tool that we can combat is first to love yourself and rebuild your self-esteem.  In order for us to deal with rejection is to forgive ourselves of past mistake and bad choices.

Believe that God loves you first when He sent His Son to die for you (John 3:16).

11 ways to heal from pain of rejection:

  1. Forgive yourself for the mistakes, bad choices; because it is not your fault things did not work out accordingly
  2. Know who you are
  3. Be true to yourself; you are unique and there is only one of you
  4. You are not replaceable
  5. Do not blame yourself for someone else’s fault
  6. Think positive
  7. Believe that God loves you unconditionally
  8. Forgive the perpetrator
  9. Accept you
  10. Love yourself
  11. Believe in yourself and know your values

Do not let rejection cause you not to try again, be it in love, career or relationships, no matter how hard it become. 

We have His power and the tenacity to move forward and to receive our God-given assignment. 

You can make it!

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God Wants to Emancipate Us From Where We Are!


Have you ever felt trapped or restricted by the system?

Sometimes life allows us to feel like that and often times we get snowed down with wrong decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

God want to release us and set us free…  He does not look at our past nor where we came from, but looks at the condition of your heart.

There are times when God calls us to a calling and instead of being obedient, we start looking at our mess and the circumstances that we are facing.  We feel discouraged, broken and inflated because of our unworthiness to the calling.

No matter where you are at, God will bring you to that place that will change that situation for the good.

 You see, in Exodus 2, Moses was taken out of the water as a baby and was placed in the system.  Pharaoh’s men were killed by water when the sea went back to its original position. Moses stretched out his rod across the sea and it parted enough for the people to walk through.

Fear had gripped Moses when God spoke to him through a burning bush, but he started thinking about the crime he committed and why he was running away.

God did not look at where he came from, where he was or where he was at, but He called him out, despite his circumstances.  When Moses was chosen to deliver the people out of bondage he said, “Who me..?”

 God can call you out of your mess despite what people say about you.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” (Jeremiah 1:5).

God knew you long before you were conceived and no one should not tell you who you are. He has given us the freedom to use the gifts He has called us to do, according to His will. He gets the glory and the honour.

Fear can stop us from activating the gift or our calling. God wants us to be free to be His stewards and disciples. He wants us to imitate what He teaches us because He did not give us a Spirit of fear.

So, today you will not be a part of the system, you will not care what people think about you nor stop you from stepping out to where God has called you. Why?

Because everything in the Kingdom of God operates in faith!